A Holistic Approach to Financial Planning

Preparing for the future takes more than one approach to planning and investing. The risks of only having a savings account, or only putting money into an IRA, are immense. People can save for thirty years and suddenly lose everything. It is less of a risk to diversify planning and investing to balance losses and gains. There will be both in the course of a lifetime.

Include Five Areas

The American College of Financial Planning has identified five areas of planning to meet both short- and long-term goals. The financial advisors denver who adhere to that approach will customize activities in those areas based on specific factors. The areas consist of wealth management, risk management, income tax planning, estate planning, and goal planning.


Customized plans and implementation processes are based on current family situation, priorities, overall goals and objectives, and time-sensitive needs. Every client is different so every plan is different. The client is in control of the process due to planning that’s done on a fee basis. The advisor can be involved as much or as little as the client desires.

Proprietary Investment Process

Among the many denver wealth management firms in operation, only one has a trademarked proprietary investment process. A mathematical formula is used to balance investment assets among four investing options. The formula varies depending on the risk tolerance of each client. This innovative process is designed to eliminate the financial waxing and waning of investing.

Creating a balance results in a portfolio that minimizes risk while capturing higher returns. Over time, wealth will ideally build to serve the client well in the future. There are several advantages to hiring an experienced firm for Denver wealth management. Compare firms, discover what products they sell, and find out how their advisors are paid. Also compare fees, experience, and years in business to get an idea of success rates and approaches to planning.

What Clients Can Do Prior to Consulting

It is helpful to pay down credit card debt and limit usage to emergencies to have more money to save and invest. Consider goals and priorities carefully to better inform planning. Be realistic in expectations. Despite media hype, no one gets rich overnight. Planning and investing are ongoing and long-term processes that will take years to be successful and meet goals.

Meet with the advisor periodically to review plans and consider adjustments and changes as life progresses. Marriages, children, divorces, new jobs, and personal health conditions can all affect financial planning.

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